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Mistress of Life by Dark-sontheWolf137
Mistress of Life
Camren is the daughter of Sith and Cynthia and responsible in creating the zombots by killing millions of people both psycho and sane, her current location known as The Life's Creation Haven, is unknown, but she is known to be married to a woman name Oogie and have several kids. She has power to turn her body into a weapon thanks to her mother giving her a experimental virus. 

Oogie goes to :iconthewolfdragon21:
MMM-04A Fenrir I by Dark-sontheWolf137
MMM-04A Fenrir I
The first of the Mobile Mech Project to be successful mass-production model during the Light and Darkness War, is was keep being name as the MMM-04A during the war till when allied with The Mythain race said that the MMM-04A reminded them the mythical wolf Fenrir, so in respect and helpfulness of their new founded allies the name the mobile mech to Fenrir, the Roman symbol I came in after the created of the MMM-05X Fenrir II, but still a favorite for veteran Mech pilots for it speed, and great close-range combat.

Twin Energy Sword Mk. 5B

Two 140mm sub-machine gun

Energy Roman-style Shield

Wolfen Attack Claw

(Right) Shoulder Shield

MA-78 Needler Grenade


MMM-04A Fenrir I Marine Type

MMM-04A Fenrir I Close-Combat Type Aka Wolfenstein

MMM-04A Fenrir I F7 Type

MMM-04A Fenrir I Commander Type
Drakenbat by Dark-sontheWolf137
A specie hybrid of Draconight and pre-Vampoire, much like their cousin but double in size, strength, eyes are now black and red, have large canine fangs, bat-like wings, pointed ears and fur/hair. The Drakenbat were founded in a cave on Dragoon with a civilization of their own feared of being killed off for being a hybrid, but rather shown mercy and joined the D.N.A. as another part of the shock troopers.

EDIT: Change the upper armor to their default armor
Project: Nightmare by Dark-sontheWolf137
Project: Nightmare
Project: Nightmare is a top secret D.N.A. Symbiotic-Virus allowing to combine with the host with top mental strong allowing a strong symbiotic bond with its host, the Nightmare can has ability to appearance of normal clothing, to provide highly effective and complex camouflage, and to even disguise their hosts' physical features. In combat it's appearances as it's name said a nightmare with an elongated jaw, teeth, and tongue, and it's body is a weapon with making parts of his limbs into forms of solid appendages from their bodies, and have been shown to form spikes, talons, and blades, also know to forming webs as sharp as a razor and can do other abilities such as a extra limbs and form a scorpion-like tail. Been known to make some host warlike, or isolated from others, most thinks that the Nightmares are ancient aliens from year's past, but the truth is that the Draconight's Bonewalkers clan and Skanling's Bio hazard clan created it to make an one-man-army, commando, and infiltrator. 

Basic Overview:

Dragon like creatures with skin tough as Kevlar armor, sharp claws and teeth, and able to breath what ever element that are. Some have horns on there heads, others are hair or feather like hair, or both horns and hair together. They stand at 12 feet high, plus 6 more feet for their tail then a normal human and weight at 70kg + 4.6kg. There eyes are snake like and have different colors like a normal human.

Extra abilities:

The Draconights or there native name Xenthiangard have the ability not only to spew out the elements there born with, only 10 different elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Metal, Lighting, Bone, Ice, Light, and Shadow, and able to control the elements.

Extreme Biological adaptations:

There skin or scales have Kevlar like armor to allow them deflect small arms fire. Sharp claws that slices like knifes, and teeth to bite through light armor. The Draconight look humaniod in shape, but are twice has fast and twice as strong then an normal human, and they do have wings like dragons, but there hidden under there back to be reopen again.  

Extra Organs:

Only one extra organs in their body, know as the Element Organ which allow the Draconight to breath out there element, and the organ is attach to the nerve system to the brain in order to allow them to control the element. 


Each of the 10 different Draconight have there own personal; The Shadow Draconight are timed, secretly, and often act as there own, but not all the time. Earth Draconight are like the Spartans honor bond brotherhood, fearless, and stubborn. The Lighting and Water Draconight are much like the Samurai of old, from honor bond to fearlessness. Air and Ice Draconight are like the Chinese in times of old with great tactical minds, to honorably behaviours. Fire Draconight are much like heavy metal fan with wild party behaviour and pyro crazy. Metal Draconight are basic scientist with increase intelligence, good behaviour, and gentlemen like behaviour. Bone Draconight are like the people of Transylvania during the middle-ages with myth of vampires to werewolves with not only creepy behaviour, but a creepy happy. Light are much like Knights with honor bone goals to chivalry. 
Xenthiangard (Draconights) Biology
Biology information on the Xenthiangard or Draconight as their human allies calls them. 
But I'll be back one day, so don't worry about me


Dark-sontheWolf137's Profile Picture
Darkson the Reaperwolf
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am born by the Dragon God of Death and Shadow and The Queen of Vampire with me brother and sister Dako Hellraiser The Lighting Dragon and Mary Hellraiser The Four Element User and married to my beautiful wife Nova (now) Hellraiser The Lovely Kitty and Ax Warrior is destined to be of two path: To be the King of Darkness and rule for evil or be The Next Death Leader of the Horsemen of Apocalypse who knows what fate have in store....

Name: Rex "Darkson" Hellrasier

Age: 20 aka over 20,000

Power: Darkness, Death, Dark Flame, Shadow, Dark Lighting, Healing and Soul

Specie: Reaperwolf/Death Dragon

Rank: Lt. Commander

Catch Phrases: Unleash Hell! Time for damnation! And the shadows consume all. Death to the Chaos Gods!!! What up? We can this together as one or die trying if we have to.

Fear: Spiders, Spider-women, and Crazed fan girls

Likes: Cigars, his lovely wife, his families and friends, defeating evil, and some tree naps

Dislike: Cheaters, Evil Trolls, Chaos Gods, Villains, Haters, Hackers, G.U.N., and Evil O.P. Villains

RS: Taken, happily marry

The symbol of death:…

Armors of Death:





Main weapon: The Harvester (duel scythes)…


Purple dragons are bossy and regal, and they are known for their beauty

I am a Purple Dragon!
What dragon color are you?

Mine catbug OwO :iconcatbugplz:

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