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D.N.A. Standard Firearms (Rifle) by Dark-sontheWolf137
D.N.A. Standard Firearms (Rifle)
These firearms Rifles for the D.N.A. Troopers:

SP Rifle: A sonic pulse rifle is the one of three main rifle with a deattachable scope for either iron scope or mid-range scope. The SP rifle have three setting for infantry to choose either before or during battle: the Auto setting for good firing against swarms of enemies. Semi-auto setting for short bursts of fire. Carbine setting for single shot to sniped an single enemy infantry and each set will extend or lower the barrel inside the SP rifle. Also have a nanties ammo clip to have unlimited ammo, the barrel have a type of crystal-metal allowing it to reminded cooled for eons and an built in bayonet which can extend for Melee combat

DMR Laser: The DMR-L for short is a semi-sniper rifle which fires a pure red hot laser that can go through medium armor and light scouting vehicles. It have two setting the classic DMR for quick fire and acts as a sidearm only bigger and more deadly. And also the sniping setting for even deadly sniping on enemy infantry with head shots not good for the enemy. The DMR-L have a combo of the crystal-metal barrel and cooling tanks making overheating impossible.

Plasma MG: a repeating plasma machine gun which, thanks to the Railguns technology, can fire plasma bolts at rapid speed to take out swarms of enemies both medium and heavy due to the heat of the plasma inside. The Plasma MG have overheating and can cool down under 1.5 seconds and also have a setting which can shoot out know as a plasma grenade which can destroy big group of enemies or light transport vehicles.
D.N.A. Cecaybdis by Dark-sontheWolf137
D.N.A. Cecaybdis
The Cecaybdis are aquatic sentient mono-gendered (female) demi-human race that are much like their Mermaidan counterparts, but different from them on several terms. While they do have grills at their sides on their upper body where the lungs are, their lower bodies are eight tentacles-like legs with two rows of suckers lines with each tentacles, like an octopus, also the Cecaybdis have different color scheme and patterns on their tentacles, depending on their skin color (primary color) and hair color (pattern color), which they can be also as extra sets of arms for multiply uses, they need a max of four tentacles to stay balanced so they can't fall and hurt themselves. They have an camera-type eye which consists of an iris, a circular lens, vitreous cavity (eye gel), pigment cells, and photoreceptor cells that translate light from the light-sensitive retina into nerve signals which travel along the optic nerve to the brain. In the water the Cecaybdis are fast swimmers like the Mermaidan going at 25 mph and can go at 56.3 mph at top speed, but they can't keep it up for it tries them out quickly going at top speed. They Cecaybdis can released ink like an octopus for quick escape against larger predators, but rarely used for the Cecaybdis releasing ink is like urine or defecation themselves in front of someone or something is an a total embarrassment to themselves.

In D.N.A. civilian life the Cecaybdis, like the Mermaidan, prefer to lived on watery planets with little or most land mass (example many many islands, or an single or two land mass about an size of either Australia or South America), or coastal states with lots or easy access to the seas or lakes. In D.N.A. military life, like the Mermaidan, their not useful on land, despite being able wield several more weapons the normal, their not the fastest on land like they are in the water, so a lot of Cecaybdis are enlisted into the D.N.A. Oceanic Navy as sailors, and underwater tactical assault marines or U.T.A.M. where they hold the advantage in sea and water warfare.


Krakari: The Krakari are the squid version of the Cecaybdis, do have the same eight tentacles, but different six of the tentacles are made for walking and acting as arms, there are two large tentacles with pad like fins at the tip which are made for grabbing and squeezing larger and stronger objects like crates or full grown humans. The Krakari's tentacles have hidden "fins" on each side, excluding the two "Strong Arms" tentacles, and on the side of their "waist" on their lower body which makes them excellent swimmer then their Cecaybdis cousin going at 40 mph almost doubling the regular speed of an normal Cecaybdis' speed, and their high speed is also almost double to Cecaybdis' high speed, but the Krakari tried out faster then the Cecaybdis when going at high speed. The Krakari have fair skin tones with black-colored markings on their bodies, but their lower bodies are paled or white while the tip is either pink or purple.

Vevapyotus: They Vevapyotus are hybrid race of Vamporie and Cecaybdis. While they are the same look as the Cecaybdis, but their different on many things including charactertics of Vamporie genes. Their lower legs have webbing of skin connects its eight arms, each lined with rows of fleshy spines or cirri; the inner side of this "cloak" is black with the distal half (farthest from the body) of the arms have suckers also at the tip of their tentacles has spike on each of the eight arms. Their skin tone are pale or white, their eyes are red color, and having vampiric fangs much like the Vamporie, the Vevapyotus are excellent in seeing the dark either on land or under water. 

Vecayobudis: The Vecayobudis are Cecaybdis with venomous sac organs. The Vecayobudis are easily identify, on their tentacle-legs there are black circular spots with the outer edge having navy blue ring which replace the normal pattern that Cecaybdis would have on their tentacle-legs, also their eyes would be more neon color rather normal eye color, and their horizontal pupils appear more reptilian. Their venom is an fast acting and powerful neurotoxin known to D.N.A. toxin's list, but it's rarely used by either D.N.A. assassins or the Vecayobudis themselves. The reason is that when an Vevcayobudis inject or when an scientist extract the venom she'll experience dizziness and drunk like behavior when it's an small dose being injected/extracted. An larger dose will result an coma or even death for each individual Vevcayobudis, D.N.A. scientists are still researching the reason and cause for it.
D.N.A. Dovahnewt by Dark-sontheWolf137
D.N.A. Dovahnewt

(She's wearing an workout clothing if your wondering what she's wearing)
D.N.A. Kanibold by Dark-sontheWolf137
D.N.A. Kanibold
Kanibold are humanoid canines race from the planet world; Cadaan Prime. The Kanibold have several sub-species for different environment (deserts, snowy plains, forest, ect.) advantages. The common Kanibold looks more like domestic dog in relation to their appearances, though only a few looks different (the common Kanibold looks more similar in appearances to German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Belgian Malinois Dog, Greyhounds, Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, and Golden Retruever) they are hyper active, intelligence, loyal, have high acute senses; hearing, smell, taste. And most are naturally have mild to medium muscles from being active with daily training from 45 miles jogs to lifting weights. D.N.A. encounter the Kanibold race when they are in the Modern Age and offer an alliance with them from technology and medical advance to military volunteers.

Kanibold in D.N.A. military are used as not only front-line soldiers, combat engineers, and radio ops, but also as scouts/recons, and fast moving medics. Due to speeds they can move to recon enemies positions and return back to base before anyone can know what's up, and due to their high acute senses they can sense from booby traps to hidden machine gun nests.
D.N.A. Einhemistis by Dark-sontheWolf137
D.N.A. Einhemistis
The Einhemistís are an asexual mono-gender (all male) race, but they weren't normally evolutionary created by the Vahlok race and/or the ancient Nephil'Ro race like the other races were, instead they were created by the Cult of Chaotic Darkness's madden Grand Dark Apostle Typius. Typius use the gas form of Shadium and an life force of an old corrupted Nephil'Ro Jun'Kein"Rak, War-King Rank, to created an shadow-phase race to be used against the Aav'Rael Empire, created by Vahok and Nephil'Ro. After many tries and fails, he successful created several Einhemistís, but it went wrong fast. Typius made an foolish mistake, rather taking the corrupted soul he planned to used he took an pure soul of an different Nephil'Ro Jun'Kein"Rak by mistake into the final creation progress. The Einhemistís turned against Typius and several other Apostles and escape into the shadows and are never to be seen again.

Eons has passed since the War of Balance ended, the Einhemistís have founded a planet, name Vok, on the Dukat Sector, to live on, but not in peace. Remnants of CoCD Daemon Regiment on the planet, the Daemon saw the Einhemistís thinking them as native of the planet and plans to enslave them for labor, but the Einhemistís were created to be an warrior race so rather being an easy take, like the daemon was hopeful for, it was turned into a horrific slaughter for the daemon. The Einhemistís has different abilities that made them feared by their enemies from transforming their limbs into melee weapons, claw hand blades, sword arm, frail arm, etc. (range weapons came after meeting D.N.A.), to phasing through shadows and move at lighting speed due to being about to float perfect for Hit-and-Runs and ambush tactics to assassination of enemy's generals. Despite looking indestructible the daemon discover (and later other enemies of D.N.A.) that the Einhemistís has an weak point, at where an human heart would be, is what D.N.A. scientists called an Soul Jewel of the Einhemistís, same jewel that give the Einhemistís race powers of weaponry transformation and shadow phase, when the Jewel shatters the Einhemistís dies, his body essence fades back into the shadows never to be alive again. Even with the Jewel's natural harden shell, the jewel is hard as a rock, the Einhemistís founded a way to better protect their Soul Jewel they transform their upper body minus the arms and head into body armor to increase the defense of the Jewel and prevent the increase of casualties. After the complete annihilation of the daemon regiment the Einhemistís Three Counsel, created during the War of Vok, have issue of an military warriors for in case of another encounter like the daemon regiment, which lead to the creation of two Einhemistís sub-species or caste as the Einhemistís like to call it.

After 10 centuries of isolation and military training for the Einhemistís an D.N.A. exploration fleet lead by Darkson Hellraiser himself found the planet of Vok, after sensing the Three Counsel through his mediation on his personal Flagship the Apocalypse class Dreadnought; The Retribution, when he was looking for ancient ruins of the Aav'Rael Empire in the Dukat Sector. As Darkson, along with his personal bodyguards and small exploration team, makes planet fall and encounter the Einhemistís, the situation was tense since the Einhemistís as been in isolation for 10 centuries and are unsure if D.N.A. are a worthy ally to have or there like the Daemon Regiment they fought 10 centuries ago. After reach to the Three Counsel's Shako Spire Tower at the heart of the Einhemistís capital city, name Kazak, and with many discussions between the Counsels and Darkson, they came to an agreement of being allies of Darkson can pass the Path of Shadok'alk and defeat the Counsel's champion Zandulu the VoidBlade. Darkson have complete the Path of Shadok'alk and defeated Zandulu in an honorable way and have earn not only an secured alliance, but the respect of the Einhemistís, they even call him the title of the ShadowReaper, now Einhemistís warriors sever in D.N.A. Military as both ambusher and infiltrators.


Ara'vok: Ara'vok are the elites of the Einhemistís race, built as shock troopers and elites bodyguards. More stronger, tougher, and fiercer then the average warrior Einhemistís, standing at 6'7" all, heavy built for strength and taking damage then an a regular Einhemistís, two set of arms (fours arms in total), three sets of eyes (six eyes in total), their Jewel Souls are tougher then normal, their markings and eyes are color are crimson-red rather being the normal lime green color, and rather having just manifest just an body armor the Ara'vok can manifest an entire suits of armor (minus the legs and feet armors) for better protection of their Soul Jewel and those around them like an mobile armored wall. The Ara'vok are rare to come across in D.N.A. civilization and are uncommon in D.N.A. militarize bases, but they are known to be around an Einhemistís General/Elder as bodyguards for them. The Ara'vok are only Einhemistís race that can manifest their arms into certain heavy weapons, example heavy machine guns, broadswords, ect., and are often called "Shadow Demon Knights" due to their armors and helmet looking demonic for fearing their enemies.

Wigil'at: The Wigil'at are not as strong as the common Einhemistís, but fighting on the front line is not what their spawn for, their spawn to be infiltrators, and diplomats, as their brains are grown the status of an genius from birth. As an Wigil'at grows older their brain progress will increased to an level of an super genius, that even rival the Vincid race, they'll be ranked up to military advisor due to being able to see an problem and coming up several solution to help either general or admiral in the battlefield. The Wigil'at are 5 feet 6 inch, mildly built muscles, have two set of eyes, that's total of four eyes, have navy blue skin instead of black skin, have black hair instead of white hair like the Einhemistís, and their Soul Jewel, markings and eyes are color of azure rather lime green. Despite being related to the Einhemistís race their abilities are limited; they can't transform their arm limbs into weapons and have their upper body transform into armor to better protect their Soul Jewel, since their made for behind-the-scene action, so they have to armed themselves with specialized weapons and armor made for them, but they can still phase through shadows, and as a bonus they can hide in the shadows for a long time without leaving Black Trees.

Vokahkii: Vokahkii are half Einhemistís and half of these selective races: humans, elvin, vamporie, and/or wolvenanes. Though the Einhemistís are asexual and don't have an reproductive organ, the way D.N.A. scientists said that; the Einhemistís reproduce is when they phase through the shadow and stay there long enough for their Jewel to leave spiritual fragments in the void of the shadows, as the Einhemistís phase back to the reality an exit they came from starts to grow an dark crystal tree with several large scimitar-shaped branches. From the tip of each branches it'll start to produce an black ink-like sap that'll grow inside the tip till it ready to drop, the same black ink-like sap, but in an 33.5 inches tear shape on to the ground where it's form an small puddle at first with in time it'll start to form an large pool, it's been known as a Black Sprawl Pool for D.N.A. scientists that are researching it, after the pool is formed the pool start to form the shells of the Jewels at the bottom of of the Pool when it's time the pool will sprawl an selective of Einhemistís species the Pool is created to sprawl. But an D.N.A. vamporie Scientist by the name of Luka Van Dulllichal discover, with the help of her Einhemistís husband Mortagron, discover that Einhemistís can impregnate an female of an different race, but only an selective few, as Luka herself tested this theory on herself an gotten pregnant with an Vokahkii daughter. Accoutering to Luka's reports for an Einhemistís to impregnate an female of an selective race they need to gather some spiritual energy from their Jewel then have the energy over the female's womb where the energy enters into the womb with the egg inside to be fertilized having the female ending up pregnant with the Einhemistís's child. The Vokahkii can be either male or female, though they'll look like the selective race there are characteristic of Einhemistís genes, their pupils will have the lime green color, their natural skin color with be darker then normal, but when they reach the maturity (between 16-18) They'll start granted abilities from their Einhemistís genes: heighten reflexes, heighten speeds, heighten strength, heighten durability, heighten senses, and mild power used over the shadows; shadow phase to areas the Vohakii remember or seen, and, for military personal only, created weapons from the shadow for a short time.
I got the complete Dawn of War collection on steam, at the good price, and now I'm going to be ready for when Dawn of War 3 comes out!


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Darkson the Reaperwolf
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I am born by the Dragon God of Death and Shadow and The Queen of Vampire with me brother and sister Dako Hellraiser The Lighting Dragon and Mary Hellraiser The Four Element User and married to my beautiful wife Nova (now) Hellraiser The Lovely Kitty and Ax Warrior is destined to be of two path: To be the King of Darkness and rule for evil or be The Next Death Leader of the Horsemen of Apocalypse who knows what fate have in store....

Name: Rex "Darkson" Hellrasier

Age: 20 aka over 20,000

Power: Darkness, Death, Dark Flame, Shadow, Dark Lighting, Healing and Soul

Specie: Reaperwolf/Death Dragon

Rank: Lt. Commander

Catch Phrases: Unleash Hell! Time for damnation! And the shadows consume all. Death to the Chaos Gods!!! What up? We can this together as one or die trying if we have to.

Fear: Spiders, Spider-women, and Crazed fan girls

Likes: Cigars, his lovely wife, his families and friends, defeating evil, and some tree naps

Dislike: Cheaters, Evil Trolls, Chaos Gods, Villains, Haters, Hackers, G.U.N., and Evil O.P. Villains

RS: Taken, happily marry

The symbol of death:…

Armors of Death:





Main weapon: The Harvester (duel scythes)…


Purple dragons are bossy and regal, and they are known for their beauty

I am a Purple Dragon!
What dragon color are you?

Mine catbug OwO :iconcatbugplz:

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