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chemicalthrowers mk.1 (MechaScale) by Dark-sontheWolf137
chemicalthrowers mk.1 (MechaScale)
The Chemicalthrowers are the most dangerous anti-personal in the MechaScale nation, the origin of these mark 1s comes after the failed Alliance between MechaScale and the draconian gods when Nagaetros tried to have them killed by jormundgand, but he spared them or wasn't in the mood either way lord of lies failed to destroy them, so when the infamous Doctor called Metallkopf head science and researcher of the infamous Tod Einrichtungen has been studying on jormundgand`s blood since it can melt metal amd mutant bio organic,  he wishes to create that same subject but it melt bio organic. Since he can't fully reverse science the blood due to being too dangerous and unpredictable so he uses different chemical set to match with the doctor`s idea which he successful did amd created two anti-personal units of the MechaScale,  the chemicalthrowers mk.1 are early units that came out with a very interesting bug which cause their AI to frizz out and make them insane,  perfect for the MechaScale bad for D.N.A and others.

Credit to :iconlordnagaetros: for giving idea from our short rp
Draconaut (Draconought infantry) by Dark-sontheWolf137
Draconaut (Draconought infantry)
The Draconaut are the Draconought Infantry these the shock troopers class

weapons: Energy charged beam rifle left arm, Melee special Claws that uses a new type of metal call titanic, a built in flamethrower inside the mouth with teeth made of aresanium, left shoulder mounted rocket launcher that fires Inferno class Lotus missiles.

Equptments: Soul fusion Reactor, laser dot sight eye right, heat sensored eyes left.

Armor: Cybanium skin and Titanium skeleton

Credit to my friend here: blakeandangelonda.deviantart.c…
D.N.A. Sniper/Recon (name: Sa'mmak'lon) by Dark-sontheWolf137
D.N.A. Sniper/Recon (name: Sa'mmak'lon)
Sniper/Recon have been an importance in any army to report in Enemy's strength, gather intel. And even set up sniper position in each key point in the battlefield or assassination of commanders.

They wear light armor to move around faster wearing boots to counter rough terrain, sticky terrain, etc. etc. the sniper/recon have a cloak that can make them invisable in their surrounding area for sniping purpose and listening in importance Intel.

The D.N.A. Military Goggles are a standard issue for Snipers/Recons during an mission or Ops and have four vision: Night Vision, Thermal Vison, EM Vison, and Tech Vison.

Standard fire arm would be the DMR-L due to it being a simi-sniper rifle, most skilled will use the Roaklov 5 Sniper rifle a powerful Rifle that can shoot from 1,800 m making it deadly to heavy units and fire at far distant and get out before people know what hit them.

Her name is Sa'mmak'lon most call her Sammy or the 'Scarred Lion' she is a Sniper Commander the best of the best, to her people she is the best tracker in both Bio and Machine, her main Melee weapon is the Ni'chal,god made from the most dangerous predator on her home planet and can slice through mediums armor like butter
Gentle warrior (Xenobrines) by Dark-sontheWolf137
Gentle warrior (Xenobrines)
This is a female Xenobrines to show the difference between the genders while the males have a longer stinger that wraps around a humanoid thrice, the female have a shorter stinger reach only to their feet and have the blade end resting flat, but their more faster and acts as scouts or recon units for the Liberal Alliance, she is Marolex, wife to Zulon
Fearless warrior (Xenobrine) by Dark-sontheWolf137
Fearless warrior (Xenobrine)
The Xenobrines are a race of humans mixed with an unknown alien strain in there DNA, first found the race during the Metal War when a planet know as PL-538 renamed Xenon after the leader that helped remove the MechaScale from there home on there Capital know as The Battle of Beast and Machine, in which Xenon died during the battle. After the War the Xenobrines have joined the Liberal Alliance with their speed, agility, and brutal force in battle their a good ally to have and able to attack in swarms and units thanks to their psych connection from the alpha of the Xenobrines. His name Zulon son of Xenon feared soldier and great friend to Dako Hellraiser  
The reaper here, I got this story idea of series of misadventure with me and my rocking sister :iconthewolfdragon21: where we go on an adventure which we didn't intend to go on due to the randomness that happen to us. So I need you my friends and close friends need to help me by signing up your best character either FC or OC human or non human ect. but no villains only heroes and you can only pick one or two character then sent me a link to your best/favorite character so I can see for myself. The limit for today is 5-7 character for me to hand pick for the story series. The main character is: Darkson, Faith, Brandon (:iconsuperwolf15: if he choice to) and Nova. So comment down below sent the link and I'll see if you can get lucky. The reaper logging out.


1. Jacob Uchiha…

2. Shakura…

3. Blake Nakamura blakeandangelonda.deviantart.c…

4. Angel blakeandangelonda.deviantart.c…

5. Fire

6. Luka…

7. Sam screamingmaddog5521.deviantart…


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Darkson the Reaperwolf
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I am born by the Dragon God of Death and Shadow and The Queen of Vampire with me brother and sister Dako Hellraiser The Lighting Dragon and Mary Hellraiser The Four Element User and married to my beautiful wife Nova (now) Hellraiser The Lovely Kitty and Ax Warrior is destined to be of two path: To be the King of Darkness and rule for evil or be The Next Death Leader of the Horsemen of Apocalypse who knows what fate have in store....

Name: Rex "Darkson" Hellrasier

Age: 20 aka over 20,000

Power: Darkness, Death, Dark Flame, Shadow, Dark Lighting, Healing and Soul

Specie: Reaperwolf/Death Dragon

Rank: Lt. Commander

Catch Phrases: Unleash Hell! Time for damnation! And the shadows consume all. Death to the Chaos Gods!!! What up? We can this together as one or die trying if we have to.

Fear: Spiders, Spider-women, and Crazed fan girls

Likes: Cigars, his lovely wife, his families and friends, defeating evil, and some tree naps

Dislike: Cheaters, Evil Trolls, Chaos Gods, Villains, Haters, Hackers, G.U.N., and Evil O.P. Villains

RS: Taken, happily marry

The symbol of death:…

Armors of Death:





Main weapon: The Harvester (duel scythes)…


Purple dragons are bossy and regal, and they are known for their beauty

I am a Purple Dragon!
What dragon color are you?

Mine catbug OwO :iconcatbugplz:

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so the red Xenomorph's have been sneaking in there hive and steal the eggs but pradator had found out that there is 3 openings in there hive one goes to where the queen is another goes to the stolen eggs and the last one is the mane opening to there hive 
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