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The Feared Death Knight by Dark-sontheWolf137
The Feared Death Knight
The Death Knight are the elite shock troopers of the D.N.A. the came from Darkson's arm The Black Dragon Army equipped with Crusaders armor, second toughest armor, to handle against tank and artillery rounds and the Knight is more tougher with one of two shields the Achilles Scutum shield and the Coffin energy shield. Not everyone get's to be a Death Knight only the best of the best in battlefield and team workmanship can be rank into the Death Knight ranks. There helmets include HUD, coms multiple visions, and tactics mapping. In order for the wearers to move around they have to wear a suit call EXO zero suit which helps them not only to move, but also to slip in and out of there Death Knight armor through the back side. There main weapon is a melee and range combo weapon call  Draca7b3r Mk.3 or Dracalber 73, is a deadly weapon in the D.N.A. arsenals for it can bring down heavy vehicles and large groups of infantry and can switch into a melee weapon for melee combat.

Artist note: Since the picture of the girl has ended with a tie so i ended the tied and she is part of the Ragnarok universe also part of the D.N.A. 
Darknight Fighter Bomber Mk. 3 by Dark-sontheWolf137
Darknight Fighter Bomber Mk. 3
The Darknight is the most favorable of the D.N.A. and the most feared from the many enemies of D.N.A. for this Fighter Bomber have been upgraded and remade to fight as an intra-atmospheric craft first as a monoplane fighter, to jet fighter bomber, to today intra-atmospheric fighter bomber today, fought against MechaScale's Death-Dracos, The BrightLace Fighter of Angelus Crusaders, Tainted Legion's cursed DreadKing interceptor, the possessed Drakiling of the Cultist of the Greater Evil, and the hordes of KiF-56s of the Brotherhood of Eternal Freedom, not only destroying enemies of the air but also enemies on the ground reducing them to nothing, but dusts and ruin. The Mark. 3 have be remade and upgrade for not only deadly, but also faster thanks to the new Mini Arc Reactor allows it to fly indefinitely and not be constricted by fuel. The Darknight have a role is air superiority and fast air support as it did with the past models, many rumors said that you can live in the Darknight for many days and nights while patrolling which could be truth, but due to lack of a bathroom. With the Darknight becomes even faster and more maneuverable, making it a dangerous opponent in both space and planet's natural atmosphere and as an All-Range Mode or ARM allowing ground support to be easy to be  show of activation is the primary wing is split in two to form an x shape allowing easier more maneuverable but, lease the speed by 1 Mach. Many have look up to the sky in hope of catching a sight of the bat shape wings of the Darknight knowing the pilots of the men and women will be keeping them safe.


Two set of Twin Link 40 mm Ripper minigun (one top and one bottom), Twin Link Rapid-fire Laser Cannons, and the bottom of the Darknight is rotary missile launchers with different sets of missiles, Needler Missiles, Anti Armor Missiles, Heat Seeker Missiles, and Firestorms Missiles. The bottom weapon weaponry can be replace to insert an center lined F.F. Nuke if requires by Command, and the Laser Cannons can be replace with Twin Plasma Cannons or Havok Auto Cannons for ground support.


Darknight carries Voirark Armor about 9 inches thick due to it stopping heavily bullets and medium energy weapons, and a Mk. 5 Energy shield to stop heavy energy weapons. 

Electronic abilities:

Have mounts a hacking array and smart ordinance destruction evade program to dodge flying destruction ordinance, EMP shielding, flares and chaff launchers.


Mach 9 at max speed, regular speed is Mach 4 for combat, Mach 3 in ARM.


Ace Paint Scheme Darknight

Bat S
tealth Darknight

Thunder (interceptor) Darknight
Slythix by Dark-sontheWolf137
Slythix once an empire with warlike personality and conquered their planet Cobua, but it fallen into three factions after the death of their emperor, the three factions or tribes are called the RazorSkin Clan, from the jungle of Cobua, which made up of Razor Spine Vipers, Emerald Scales Boas, and Natrix Snakes, to the hot desert are the Fiery Fangs Clan made of Coralheads, Spitting Sand Cobra, and King Tri-horned Snake, and final tribe that rest deep inside the dark caves, the NightScales Clan, made of three species The Death Adder, Skull Cobra and Stoneback Snake. The three clan where about to wage war with which other till the Dark Elvin stopped them and reunited under their banners and soon the D.N.A., they acted as both common soldiers and shock toopers 
Unknown Artifact Synthetic by Dark-sontheWolf137
Unknown Artifact Synthetic
The Unknown Artifact Synthetic or ?AS race is a floating diamond shape crystal with intellectual of a supercomputer and abilities to transform into any selection of any races that want if chosen to.

The transformation starts with an ?AS stinking down to a size of any race's head size and have light beams to measure the chosen's race limbs and body, then the light turns into shape of the bodies parts, then it slowly detail the body's figure from head to toe, and finally, the details of the body has become finalize, but unlike other races their eyes are more cyber looking as their white eyes are black and pupil are blue or sky blue, and is cover with a holo-visor which is once their eyes during the transformation, and their able to mate with other organic races after the transformation.

The ?AS race were founded by the Dark Elvin and now allies with D.N.A.
THMAH-46 Hawk R Mk. II by Dark-sontheWolf137
THMAH-46 Hawk R Mk. II
The Transformable High Mobile Attack Helicopter Aka Hawk Mk. II the most favorable for both Mech and helicopter pilots. The mark 1 of the Hawk has a weak armor and was slow with transformation so the Draco Research and Development, Military Research of the Mechanized Units have been redesigning for  a Mark 2 that is here today.

The Mark 2 or Hawk R is a fast and agile Mech, Made to clear the ground, heavily trenches, and other attack helicopters. The slender frame is made for easy transformable into it's helicopter form and to be fast around enemy units even with a lock-on. Unlike other Attack Helicopter which needs two pilots the Hawk needs only one to operate it. 

In helicopter mode, it moves faster and very easy to maneuver, going at 200 mph max speed, and armed with twin link Chain gun Rippers 60,  four Thuder Volley ML and 180 ball mount Hotshot Autocannon
In Mech mode, it lose the Rippers and three ML, one is mounted on his right wrist, the four energy blade rotor are moved to the left back hand to acted as both shield and melee weapon, and the Autocannon is still operational acting as a chest cannon for the pilot, on it's back has a jetpack for mid-range flying and acts as a booster during helicopter mode.


THMAH-46 Hawk R Silent Night Type

THMAH-46 Hawk R Hellfire Type

THMAH-46 Hawk R Ace/Commander Type
Vlad-Sigma System, D.N.A. High Military Command: D.N.A. Space: Planet Racok:

Thual is watching the event that is unfolding with the stealth drones launched to watch both side of Ancerious's faction to see what's going to happen and who's going to make the first move. In Thual war-experience from fighting the multiple fronts to planet-fall invasion to long blockage defenses, the first to strike will often lose. The Dragon Nation Alliance or to others the D.N.A. have already have an alliance with The Union of the World, but seeks more allies since there still setting up major bases, both land and space to exact positions in an defenses and offence against the enemies of their nation.

Lieutenant Commander Anna, leader of the Night Jaeger Corps, an Mobile Mech ops with a team of specializes MM pilots, came in to give Thual several reports. "Admiral, I have the report you asked for" She said to the supreme officer in her mid 30's but still looking young due to her been an half human, half elvin and with both human instinct and reflex of an elf she became an Ace Mobile Mech rapidly and soon went from private to Lieutenant Commander of her own Mobile Mech Ops Team.

"Thank you, tell me the report so I'm up to date" Thual said, An Vamporie in his usual formal admiral outfit which is black rather then normal Navy Blue color, with an cane at his side, the color is midnight black, then handle is made of sliver in shape of a dragon's head looking like it's roaring, the cane is has a hidden energy sword in the cane same height and weight as an rapier sword.

"The planets in our territory is fully colonialist, and some of the planets and gas giant are being used for military or community used, we are currently having our forces digging in an defensive position, even our naval forces taking position to where the weak spot in our space defenses. We are currently nearly built the 'Belt' around the Main Captial and the D-Gate, which brings up another important report Admiral" She said as she read from the holo-report.

"And that is?" Thual said turning around to the Commander when she mention an importance with the Dimensional Gate leading to his homeworld, and many dimensional worlds.

"That would be us Admiral Symial" A strong tone yet feminine that the admiral knows to well, coming out from is two people one male and one female in early-mid 20's, the first is the women with green short hair with a blue hair clip, red eyes, and a pricing on the left side of her nose, olive tone skin, and curvy body, yet muscly due from training, and being in the battlefield, she is in an Lieutenant formal outfit. The Male has a crimson red hair, red cat like eyes, with a scar across his left cheek, he is wearing a trench coat, not of the usual default color of the D.N.A. military, but dark crimson red and the inside is black, under the coat is a default D.N.A. Sergeant Major formal uniform, but his hands from fingertips to elbow is an armor gauntlet  but not some normal gauntlet, there something demonic and out worldly about the gauntlets he wore.

"Lieutenant Kelly and Sergeant Major Darok Hellraisers, is an honor to meet you here in Ancerious" The Admiral said as he bowed for the Hellraiser sibling for their of royal blood from their father, and grandfather founder and leader of D.N.A., but their father doesn't like the idea from calling his children and himself as royal for reason to his own.

"Yes, it is, we're here as reinforcement to help strengthen the defense along with other notable units like 111st Infantry Company and the 38th Assault company" Kelly said to the admiral since those companies are famous and under their control.

"And I understand that 'she' is here?" The admiral said smiling with idea what's he talking about.

"Yes, the Dark Scarlet is here, our personal ship and along with mine the Drake's Predator" Kelly said replying back to his question.

Thual faced away from Kelly to Darok in curious  since he's more a front-line fighter then a establishing a new planets and exploring the new galaxy "What brings you here Major, knowing you personalize traits" Admiral said to him as he seen from the holo-videos his infamous battles.

"There's someone that I know that is here and i wish to see again" He said to the Admiral, as Thual said nothing else and wishes to chat more with Kelly about the military plans leaving Darok alone for him looking out in space to there east-south where an Empire is setting up "Soon we'll meet again...My love" He said as a lost lover wanting to be reunion again


Dark-sontheWolf137's Profile Picture
Darkson the Reaperwolf
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am born by the Dragon God of Death and Shadow and The Queen of Vampire with me brother and sister Dako Hellraiser The Lighting Dragon and Mary Hellraiser The Four Element User and married to my beautiful wife Nova (now) Hellraiser The Lovely Kitty and Ax Warrior is destined to be of two path: To be the King of Darkness and rule for evil or be The Next Death Leader of the Horsemen of Apocalypse who knows what fate have in store....

Name: Rex "Darkson" Hellrasier

Age: 20 aka over 20,000

Power: Darkness, Death, Dark Flame, Shadow, Dark Lighting, Healing and Soul

Specie: Reaperwolf/Death Dragon

Rank: Lt. Commander

Catch Phrases: Unleash Hell! Time for damnation! And the shadows consume all. Death to the Chaos Gods!!! What up? We can this together as one or die trying if we have to.

Fear: Spiders, Spider-women, and Crazed fan girls

Likes: Cigars, his lovely wife, his families and friends, defeating evil, and some tree naps

Dislike: Cheaters, Evil Trolls, Chaos Gods, Villains, Haters, Hackers, G.U.N., and Evil O.P. Villains

RS: Taken, happily marry

The symbol of death:…

Armors of Death:





Main weapon: The Harvester (duel scythes)…


Purple dragons are bossy and regal, and they are known for their beauty

I am a Purple Dragon!
What dragon color are you?

Mine catbug OwO :iconcatbugplz:

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